Why Ion?

Ion Environmental Solutions has over 80 years of combined experience in the water and wastewater industry.  With multiple certified water and wastewater operators, including Grade IV level operators, we are capable of meeting the needs of any community or system. 

Today, many cities and communities struggle to keep up with the resources required to properly operate their water and wastewater systems.  Whether it is a lack of manpower or budgetary restrictions, cities are facing challenging times when it comes to finding and keeping good, certified operators to operate and maintain their facilities. 

That is where Ion can help. 

Ion offers a wide range of water and wastewater services including operations, consulting, and education along with a certified laboratory, tank pumping, and percolation testing for septic tank installations.

We can bring long term stability to communities, not only with regards to having an operator, but also by making sure that your facilities and equipment are being run correctly and properly maintained.  We will also act as a liaison between the community and the DNR and EPA.  This can remove the stress that many systems face with compliance issues and the fear of reports or tests not being done properly.

Ion maintains positive working relationships with several companies and organizations in the water and wastewater industry including government regulatory agencies.  By choosing Ion you can be certain that you are partnering with a well-rounded and respected company that has your best interests at heart and the resources necessary to ensure that your community has safe drinking water and effectively treated wastewater.

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